Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Meet Friday!

Friday came to VSES back in January of 2015.
Friday, a 6 year old Burmese, was seen by her regular veterinarian because she had not been acting like herself. She was depressed and not eating. Her blood work showed that Friday was battling renal failure. Her veterinarian recommended that she transfer to VSES for continued care and support.

A feline's kidneys can stop working effectively over time as the cat ages. However, an acute onset of renal failure (brought on by trauma, toxins, shock, infections,etc.) or chronic kidney disease can be a serious issue. A cat's kidneys help manage blood pressure, remove waste from the blood, and make hormones and red blood cells.

When Friday was brought into the hospital in the beginning of the year, she transferred over to our Internal Medicine department, with Dr. Michael Koch, Diplomate ACVIM, for further diagnostics and treatment of her disease. The Internal Medicine team worked their magic to get her eating again and back to her normal self. After about a week of treatments in-hospital, Friday went home!

We were lucky enough to hear from Friday's mom recently. Here's what she had to say:

I wanted to let you know, Nov. 20 has passed. That was the 10 month anniversary of Friday’s hospitalization. She still seems to be doing fine. 
In August, she pushed out a screen, caught a chipmunk and brought it back to us. She is playful and active and, if you didn’t know she’s running on a wing and a prayer, you wouldn’t know she was sick. However much time she has left, she’s had a great year.
This Thanksgiving, we are thankful she’s still with us. Great job!
We love to hear updates from our clients and we hope that Friday, along with all of our past patients, are still living life to the fullest.

If your pet was ever treated by VSES, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to send any pictures and updates to vsesoffice@gmail.com